The Knife Block

This different take on a knife block was made from the renewable resources: walnut & mahogany. I created four identical blocks, using a lathe to turn the wood. The final product turned out to be a great addition to the kitchen with the way that it can easily be used to display your cut-ware in an elegant manner. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.47.29 PM.png


This color and trim display for Subaru was inspired by the active nature of their customers. Building off the existing idea that their customers like to be engaged in their surroundings created the idea of encouraging interaction with the floor display. The final design uses the ends of canoe paddles to show the different color options that would be available. They would also have trim options showing in the head of the paddle and the handle itself would be wrapped in the different options for upholstery. 

Focus-Friendly Workstation

This worktable was designed with the distracted user in mind. I did a good deal of research on something called internet addiction before diving into sketching for this project. After seeing a person take their laptop into the restroom with them at a coffee shop I decided that one solution would not be enough and that a security device would be a good idea too.


The relationship that exists between man and nature has always been a strong and positive experience for myself. Through this project I wanted to explore the idea of combining man made materials with natural materials and encourage others to take a look at what this relationship is like. The final design is a pendant that "merges" man made damascus steel with walnut wood and mother of pearl.


This project's objective was to create a series of nesting containers. The containers needed to look like they belonged to the same family, but each unit had to have its own distinct user. In this case, the first container is used for a male's cologne. The second is meant to appear unisex and could be used for either male or female. Lastly, the container to the far right appears feminine in form and for good's for women!

North Face: Aqua

When looking at the North Face line it only makes sense that they would have something like a rugged water shoe, but upon doing some quick research I came up empty. The North Face Aqua water shoe concept is a new design based off the Cipher Jacket that currently exists in their clothing line. The goal was to create a versatile water shoe that borrowed key elements of design within the jacket. Some of these elements are: highly breathable, wide range of motion, adaptive, and bold. 



The most important tool for creating new concepts and ideas is sketching. The design process would not be meaningful without this key and important step of the early ideation phase. Below are some examples of how I sketch out my thoughts in the first steps of conceptualizing.